Terms and Conditions

We offer online and over the phone free estimates only


  1. A service fee will be charged when the technician has determined the problem and has been instructed by the customer to complete the repair or service, unless canceled by the customer before the technician has arrived at the job site
  2. No refund or discounts on all parts or labor after completed service
  3. No refund or discounts are issued once customer has received their  invoice from the technician
  4. Prices may vary from over the phone estimates once onsite
  5. Payment must be made immediately after the completion of the repair service
  6. There will be a $20 service charge for any onsite estimates


  1. All new garage doors come with a manufactures warranty supplied after installation
  2. All new garage doors installed, supplied by Garagerepair.ca or the customer holds a 1 year warranty on the installation only
  3. Garagerepair.ca offers 30 days on all labor on residential services
  4. Garagerepair.ca offers 90 days on all garage door opener installations
  5. ALL warranty call backs can only be arranged and serviced during weekday hours only.


  1. Customer will lose new door deposit if in the event the customer cancels the new door order
  2. Customer must call Garagerepair.ca to cancel service call


  1. We accept Cheque, Cash, or Paypal Payments – all payment must be made after completed service. No I.O.U accepted

Service Agreements

  1. The customer agrees that Garagerepair.ca can use local qualified contractors to carry out any garage door repair you may request from Garagerepair.ca.
  2. The customer agrees that Garagerepair.ca can use an alternate local qualified garage door company to carry out any garage door repairs that you may request.
  3. The customer agrees that any repair or installation service that is provided by a Garagerepair.ca contractor or alternate garage door company will hold any warranty or repair issues with that garage door repair contractor or alternate company.
  4. The customer agrees that Garagerepair.ca will not be held responsible for any warranty or garage door repair/ installation issues that have been assigned to a Garagerepair.ca contractor or alternative garage door repair company.
  5. The customer is responsible for acquiring the proper invoice from the Garagerepair.ca Contractor or alternative garage door company after completion of services provided.



Paying HST taxes is the law – We do not accept any “no tax” repair jobs or service requests

We are like any other business that offers a service, we expect to receive payment immidiatly